3-step solution by Delhi police commissioner to stop drug menace: awareness, rehabilitation and breaking down supply chain

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Delhi Police Commissioner S N Srivastava speaks to ANI (Photo/ANI)
Delhi Police Commissioner S N Srivastava speaks to ANI (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India], December 19 (ANI): With the drug menace at the centre of a national controversy, engulfing the Hindi film industry of late, Delhi Police Commissioner S N Srivastava on Saturday pointed out three requisite steps to tackle the problem -- awareness, rehabilitation of addicts and breaking down the supply chain by tracing peddlers and sources.

"We all know that addiction, be it alcohol or drugs, causes immense damage and stops a person from achieving his/her full potential. So, it becomes necessary for society to fight against the drug menace," Srivastava said, adding Delhi Police has been taking many steps regarding this. "Whenever someone is arrested with drugs, we do not restrict ourselves there, but work towards cracking down the whole system."

On any special drive by Delhi Police, Srivastava explained they deal with the problems like drugs and gambling considering them as organised crimes. "We act towards busting the entire chain and tracking the source. We are gaining success. We are also working with states like Odisha and Andhra Pradesh where hemp is believed to be cultivated. We are getting full cooperation from these states."

Asked how to clamp down the masterminds operating from outside the country, the police commissioner said that the Northwestern and Eastern borders are required to be fortified. "The inter-border drug smuggling is majorly for heroin." (ANI)