3 pictures of Hrithik Roshan’s biggest fan Angela Krislinzki which highlight her SHOCKING transformation

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3 pictures of Hrithik Roshan’s biggest fan Angela Krislinzki which highlight her SHOCKING transformation

Did you know Angela Krislinzki had a different name and identity back in 2008? Look at her shocking pics

So, Hrithik Roshan and Angela Krislinzki spoke a lot to each other and it was all open in public for us to see, ponder and gossip about! Now you would ask who is Angela Krislinzki? Well, Hrithik actually had the same question and well, Angela promptly went on Twitter to clarify that she was a model on his two commercials and that she has a massive crush on him and thinks of him as an inspiration. Hrithik, loaded with compliments, promptly accepted her graceful apology and then went on to wish her all the best for her career.

Well, did you know that Angela, maybe just a teenager then, faced arc lights for the first time in her life way back 2008 and had a completely different identity then. Fishy no? Well, she was one of the contestants on Splitsvilla when it had just started and had introduced herself as Annie. Well, we have laid our hands on these shocking pictures which highlight her transformation. Well, she looks unrecognizable now. Polished and groomed version of Angela looks nothing like the original her. Don’t believe us? Look at the pictures below and you would know.ALSO READ: This spoof on Hrithik Roshan has the actor and his fans in splits! (Unmissable video)


Angela-Hrithik hoopla started after her interview to DNA got viral and Hrithik too reacted over her statementsLike every other newcomer, I had a crush on Hrithik when I worked with him for the first time in a commercial. When I told him about my half-Spanish background, he was reminded about the old-world charm of Valencia and Spain. He was supportive and gave me acting tips. She had said. ” This got a polite-rude reply from the Kaabil star who asked her, Dear Lady who are you? And why are you lying? To which she hastily replied, ““I respect you a lot sir and I am sorry for such misleading headlines. Its hurtful. I have admired you as an actor just like millions others but I Have been fortunate enough to work with you on two TVCs…when I say mentor I meant some who inspired my life in right direction…” Hrithik then wrote, “Yes misleading headlines indeed. Graceful of you to clarify and apologise though. Wishing you the best for your career.”