‘3 million doses of Sputnik will be supplied to India in bulk by May-end’: Indian Ambassador to Russia

St Petersburg (Russia), May 22 (ANI): D Bala Venkatesh Varma, Indian Ambassador to Russia in St Petersburg on May 22 said that 3 million doses of Sputnik will be supplied to India in bulk by May end. Indian Envoy to Russia said, “For Sputnik, 150,000 doses plus 60,000 doses supplied to India. By May-end about 3 million doses will be supplied in bulk. Those will be filled in India. In June, it's expected to increase to 5 million and production in India expected to start in August.” “The present plan is that over 850 million doses of the Sputnik vaccine will finally be produced in India. Almost 65-70% of Sputnik produced anywhere in the world will be from India, finally,” he added. Varma further said, “Sputnik will be produced in India in 3-phases. First, supply from Russia - fully made - which has already started. Second, RDIF will send to India in bulk. It will be ready for use but it will have to be filled in various bottles in India.” “Third, Russian side will transfer the technology to Indian company & the Indian company will produce it fully in India. All these 3 put together will be about 850 million doses,” he added.

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