3 current international cricketers who have gone 100% vegan

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Jason Gillespie

Veganism has grown in popularity around the globe. It has become very popular in the football fraternity where footballing superstars like Lionel Messi, Hector Bellarin, Jermain Defoe, Fabian Delph have gone 100% vegan.

Even in cricket, we have Australia's Jason Gillespie who is a vocal supporter of veganism. The Australian ex-fast bowler has teamed up with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to help athletes know more about benefits of being a vegan.

According to the Gillespie, " There's nothing macho about treating animals terribly, and there's nothing macho about putting your health at risk. There's nothing macho about polluting the Earth".

Here is the list of four current International cricketers who practice vegan dieting.

#4 Kane Richardson - Australia

Kane Richardson is a vegan since 2016

Kane Richardson is a promising fast bowler in the Australian ODI and T20I side. He has played 18 ODIs and claimed 27 wickets along with nine wickets from nine T20Is. He also got a national contract in April 2018. He is one of the key names in the shortlist for the World Cup 2019.

The Australian fast bowler recently got married to Nyki Kitching, who is also a vegan, in the Adelaide Hills in keeping with their vegan philosophies.

Richardson changed to vegetarian in 2014 and soon became vegan in 2016. He is a firm believer of a plant-based style of living which doesn't cause any cruelty to animals.

He has also raised voice against using leather balls for cricket which was supposedly made from cow hides.

When interviewed to ask about his belief in veganism, he said " I didn't want to eat animals. I have wacthed a lot of documentaries on it, and whether it is right or wrong, I dont know if eating animals can be sustainined the way people are gorging through food."

Here is Richardson's Instagram account reflecting his love for animals.

#2 Adam Zampa - Australia

Zampa's vegan awareness poster

Adam Zampa is an Australian cricketer who plays for the domestic teams South Australia and Melbourne Stars. He is the only leg spinner in the current Australian side and is a prominent member of the team.

The 26-year-old recently joined hands with PETA to bat for animals. His posters appear on buses in Adelaide city with a tag "Love them. Don't eat them" to raise awareness about the cruelty we are causing because of our meat-eating habit.

The leg-spinner also believes being a vegan not only make him a compassionate human-being, but also helping his career as a sportsman. He feels more healthy now than before.

He continues to speak out for animals wherever possible and willing to prove the world that plant-powered athletes can do well at highest level.

He was one of the inspirations for his close friend, Kane Richardson, to follow a vegan lifestyle.

#3 Peter Siddle - Australia

Peter Siddle gives credit to his vegan style diet for his high fitness and strength

Peter Siddle is arguably the second prominent cricketer after Jason Gillespie to become a vegan. The Australian fast bowler who made his comeback to international cricket after a span of two years is a firm believer of a plant-based lifestyle.

Peter Siddle broke the stereotype that you need to be a meat-eater to build a strong and masculine physique. He has been practising veganism for the past eight years and believes vegan diet helped him regain his fitness quicker post his injury.

His then girlfriend, and now wife, Anna Weatherlake helped Siddle become vegan. He has cut all animal products since November 2012.

Famous for eating a lot of bananas, Siddle gained vegan inspiration for becoming vegan from well-known sports celebrities like Carl Lewis, Venus Williams and Serena Williams.