At 3.9 degree Celsius, Delhi records season's lowest minimum temperature

Sagar Malik
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At 3.9 degree Celsius, Delhi records season
At 3.9 degree Celsius, Delhi records season

19 Dec 2020: At 3.9 degree Celsius, Delhi records season's lowest minimum temperature

Icy cold conditions prevailed in the national capital this morning, as the minimum temperature dipped to 3.9 degree Celsius, the lowest this season so far.

The Safdarjung Observatory, which provides representative data for the city, recorded the mercury at 3.9 degree Celsius, four notches below normal.

Meanwhile, the maximum temperature is expected to settle around 21 degree Celsius, an official said.

Details: Minimum temperature was 2.7 degree Celsius at Jafarpur on Friday

In Delhi, the temperature dipped to 3.3 degree Celsius and 3.4 degree Celsius at Lodhi Road and Ayanagar, respectively, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed.

Yesterday, the minimum temperature had dropped to as low as 2.7 degree Celsius at Jafarpur.

However, the maximum temperature rose from 15.2 degree Celsius on Thursday to 19.8 degree Celsius on Friday.

Details: Dip in temperature due to winds coming from the hills

Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD's regional weather forecasting center, said, "The minimum temperature dipped due to cold winds coming from the snow-capped hilly region. Cold wave conditions are forecast for Saturday at a few places during morning hours."

Meanwhile, "maximum temperature rose because fog conditions over Punjab and Haryana reduced, which warmed up cold winds blowing from the western Himalayan region," he added.

Information: Widespread snowfall in Himalayas led to drop in temperatures

The dipping temperatures have been attributed to widespread snowfall in the Western Himalayas, and frosty winds blowing toward the plains.

Notably, a "cold day" is declared when the minimum temperature is less than 10 degree Celsius and the maximum is at least 4.4 degree Celsius below normal.

Further, a "severe" cold day is when the maximum temperature is at least 6.5 degrees below normal.

Relief expected: Delhi might get respite from the cold next week

However, Delhi is likely to receive some respite from the extreme cold for four days from Sunday.

"The minimum temperature may hover around 7 degree Celsius in the first four days of the next week, while the maximum is likely to remain around 23 degree Celsius. Moderate fog is predicted from December 22 to 24," an official said.