29 Year Old Inventor, Entrepreneur, And Executive Obtains A Massive Amount Of Popularity In The Business World

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In the last 12 months, Ray J invented a product for the e-cigarette industry, launched the most successful podcast in the southern United States, and became the acting President of an INC 5000 company.

This journey began when he created an accessory for e-cigarette and vape devices called the Lazy Lampoon


. A Lazy Lampoon


is a stress ball and an insertion case for vape devices.

Ray J’s goal for this invention was to supply the vape community with a product that provided stress relief properties, prevention from losing or misplacing smaller sized vape pens, and a little bit of attention-grabbing, razzle dazzle.

Within 30 days, over a million units of the Lazy Lampoon


had been sold to 6 countries around the world.

The success of the Lazy Lampoon


provided Ray with the capital to launch what would soon become The Number One Podcast in Houston, The Yacht Club. The Yacht Club Podcast focused on highlighting local entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and influencers.

Within 90 days The Yacht Club Podcast experienced a major spike in streaming numbers after an interview with a high-profile celebrity surgeon, Dr. Miami. The Yacht Club Podcast is currently being engineered into a spin-off called Pivot & Scale, where Ray J will be co-hosting with one of 2020’s most successful entrepreneurs, AK Kurji.

As the global pandemic began in early 2020, AK and Ray partnered on a project called America Covers. America Covers is an e-commerce website that provides non-medical novelty, and custom face masks for its consumers.

One night in April when Ray and AK were testing the popularity of products on an online marketplace, they experienced an unprecedented demand for facemasks. During this period, AK was scaling his Print on Demand business, SameDay POD, and had the capability to cut, sew, and print these face masks in his facility.

SameDay POD’s operation was the leverage America Covers needed to become the massive success it did. Within 30 days America Covers was able to generate above 7 figures in revenue. AK and Ray used this opportunity to donate over 50,000 facemasks around the country.

SameDay POD has now scaled from 30 employees to over 170 employees in a matter of 4 months. As the growth and demand for facemasks continue to increase, AK recently contracted Ray as the acting President of SameDay POD to oversee the entire operation.

Ray J and AK are set to release the podcast Pivot & Scale in September of 2020 and provide listeners with secrets and tips to their individual and partnered successes.

Ray J had experienced many years of turbulence before finding success. Ray hopes to share his story soon. For now, Ray recommends following his social media platforms and podcast to learn more.


Instagram: @rayjlak

LinkedIn: Ray J

Company Websites: www.samedaypod.com



iHeart Radio: The Yacht Club Podcast

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