28-Foot Anaconda Kills Crocodile in Amazon Forest! Wildlife Photographer Captures Dramatic Fight Between Two Reptiles (Check Pics and Video)

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Anacondas are known to be among the deadliest snakes on the planet. Although not venomous, they constrict and subdue their prey to kill it. A wildlife photographer named Kevin Dooley managed to capture an equally dangerous kill by the deadly snake in Brazil's Amazon forest. He captured images of an anaconda almost killing a crocodile. It was a tough and dramatic fight as the crocodile too managed to bite the snake with its sharp teeth, but the snake claimed its strength and broke off all the legs of the croc! Pictures from this dramatic kill were up on social media. Python Eats a Crocodile! Photographer Captures Incredible Pictures of the Attack in Queensland, Australia (View Pics).

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Mr Dooley mentioned to a report in Daily Mail that the snake slithered away into the water and the crocodile died later. A wildlife photographer from Albuquerque, New Mexico was on a tour of Pantanal, in Brazil when he saw this dramatic sight. He was quoted in the report, "I was sitting in a boat having our lunch when this happened. I couldn't believe it all. I heard all of this splashing, and when I looked I could see the caiman was suffering. The anaconda just kept strangling the caiman. It had even broken all of the caimans legs." He managed to click some stunning closeups of the fight from his 30 ft distance of all the action. He said the anaconda was about 28 feet in size!

Check Pics of Anaconda Killing a Crocodile:

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That sure looks so scary, but for a wildlife photographer, it was once in a lifetime opportunity to get such a sight. Talking about it, he also said, "I felt very blessed and very lucky and somewhat sad for the caiman. I never thought in my life I would witness something like this." Anaconda Snake Crossing Road Brings Traffic to Halt in Brazil (Watch Viral Video).

Watch the Video of the Fight Between Anaconda and Crocodile:

Mr Dooley mentioned that at a point the crocodile retaliated and bit into the snake, which probably made it lose out on the oxygen. The anaconda, however, had also constricted his prey so much so that it had lost all of its legs! As he had not seen the start of the fight, he mentioned that he could not figure who attacked first.