26-year-old woman found murdered in her house in Bengaluru

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26-year-old woman found murdered in her house in Bengaluru

A young woman was murdered at her home in Jnana Jyothi Nagar in Bengaluru on July 10. The body of the 26-year-old was discovered by her brother-in-law at 5:30 pm on Saturday when he returned home from work. He immediately called the neighbours. The woman’s throat was slit and the knife used to commit the crime was in her right hand. However, the police said that they believe it was a murder and the knife was placed there to make it appear like a death by suicide.

“We have found a dead body of a married woman in Jnana Jyothi Nagar under the Jnana Bharathi Police Station’s limits this evening. The person has been killed by slitting her throat with a knife. It was made to appear like a suicide, where the knife used to kill her was later placed in her right hand. However, the crime scene showed us otherwise,” said Sanjeev M Patil who is the Deputy Commissioner (West Division) of Bengaluru City Police.

DCP Sanjeev also said that a complaint was being taken from the husband of the deceased woman.

According to the police, the crime seems to have been committed for personal reasons as there were no valuables stolen.

“It appears that the crime was committed for personal reasons and we believe it was not murder for gain. No jewels that were on the woman’s body were taken and also, no money or other valuables were taken from her home. This angle of murder for personal reasons is being probed and further details will be given soon,” said DCP Sanjeev M Patil.

DCP Sanjeev further revealed that a person is being questioned based on suspicion. “We have identified a person and we are conducting an inquiry into this person based on a suspicion we had. More details will be revealed after the accused is caught or postmortem examination is done, whichever is earlier,” he said.

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