25-year-old Rinku Sharma lynched; Family says "Communal angle involved"

Rinku Sharma, a 25-year-old young man on Wednesday night was dragged out of his home and then lynched by a mob in the National Capital. They later even reached the hospital he was admitted to and continued their assualt on the 25 year old Rinku Sharma. The family of the victim says that this crime was born out of communal hatred, the police has however rejected these claims and said the attack had no communal angles to it.
We have with us Rinku's brother, Manu Sharma to talk about the mob lynching. He says the attack on his brother was planned because he was working for a Hindu organization and was a part of the Ram Mandir program. The police says this murder happened because the family had some personal business rivalries and not because their was some communal hatred involved.