25 Bizarre Reasons Society Gives You to Get Married at 25

If you are 25 years old and still unmarried in India, chances are, you are ogled at like some endangered species at family functions and gatherings. Your parents worry, your neighbours pity you, and your married friends just don’t get you.

“But what’s the problem,” you’re asked, over and over again. From neighbours making assumptions about your sex life to relatives trying to guilt you into getting married, you’ve heard it all by now. In fact, you’ve practised your reaction to these questions (an eye roll and a fake smile) to perfection.

Here are 25 bizarre reasons people give you to get you married by 25; and one good reason to actually go through with it.

1. When Making Babies Is Sole Purpose

So the only reason one should marry is for babies?

2. When God Turns Family Planner

Didn’t he say, ‘let there be light?’

3. Duh. You’re Totally A Celebrity!

Stop being a wannabe!

4. *Facepalm*

You are too good for them.

5. Let’s Get ‘Settled’

What is ‘settled’, anyway?

6. Thanks For Your Concern (Not).

“My body, my choice.”

7. Playing The ‘Parent’ Card

They wanted to! 

8. It’s All ‘Green’ Overseas

The heights of wrong.

9. Dating = Marriage, Since When?

That’s called moral policing, BTW.

10. This Is So 19th Century

Did you hop into a time machine?

11. There Is More To Life

I have a list. It runs into a few hundred pages.

12. Err, Dowry Is Illegal

Prepping for jail-time.

13. Emotional Atyachaar - Part I

Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye’’

14. Indian Parents Logic

If only people changed that easily.

15. Seriously?

Life isn’t a photo album.

16. You Got To Be Kidding Me

Yeah, right!

17. Can We NOT Play Doctors, Please?

Polycistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD) isn’t a joke.

18. FB Timeline, Staaahp!

Agar tumhare dost ped se kud jaye, to tum bhi kud jaoge kya?” <-- Also parents logic, BTW.

19. What If I Don’t Care?

Or what if I am?

20. Emotional Atyachaar - Part II

And marriage will fill that gap?

21. Roti, Kapda, But No Makaan

Please don’t marry for THIS.

22. When Marriage Is Their Duty

“Mamma, Papa, I can marry on my own just fine.”

23. How’s This Even A Thing?

Wait, what?

24. Live-In Relationships Are A Thing!

Just because!

25. Enter, ‘Sharmaji Ki Beti’

Apparently marriage is a race.

Why You Should Get Married

No matter who says what, there is only one good reason to get married: when you and your partner are ready and willing, of course.

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