220-Million-Years Old Dinosaur Footprint Discovered by 4-Year-Old Girl in UK's Wales

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London, January 31: In a bizarre incident, a four-year-old girl found a well preserved dinosaur footprint on a beach in UK's South Wales, as per reports. The girl, identified as Lily Wilder spotted footprint on a dinosaur in Bendricks Bay while taking a stroll with her father, who took a picture of it only it to find out that their accidental discovery has a potential for understanding how the spices walked. Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaur's Footprints Reveal The Reptiles Once Lived in Oakley, Australia.

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The National Museum Wales has acquired the foot print and studying it. As per the museum, the 10 cm long-footprint belongs to a 220 million-year-old dinosaur. Experts believe, it's likely the footprint was made by a dinosaur that stood about 75 centimeters tall and 2.5 meters long. Forget 'Cloned' Dinosaur in China, Find Real Dinosaur Fossils At These 5 Places Around The World.

"It really is stunning preservation . You can see every detail of the muscles and where the joints are in the foot." National Museum Wales paleontology curator Cindy Howells told NBC news. "We've not even found a fraction of the total species of dinosaurs yet," said Howells. She added that a the print Lily found provides a very useful clue in how the dinosaurs walked.

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