22 Years and Countless Battles Later, Ash Ketchum Has Finally Become a Pokémon Master


The most popular face on Pokémon with trusted sidekick Pikachu waited almost 22 years before being able to achieve his dream of becoming a Pokémon master.

In the most recent episode on Pokémon called Pokemon: Sun and Moon, Ash comes first in the championship of the Aloha League, a victory that is the first of its kind for him. He had previously won the Orange Islands League and Battle Frontier but his latest feat has no parallels in terms of his joy.

After nearly two decades of the show, which first made its appearance on Japanese television back in 1997 and has since changed its visual platform from being just a show to becoming a movie, Pokémon Detective Pickachu and the game, Pokémon Go. It reflects the kind of fan base it has been able to hold on to, for a really long time, globally.

Spread across six series and twenty-two seasons, fans have awaited the moment when Ash Ketchum would finally be the Pokémon master, still a ten year old with the red and white cap, who has seen some dark days. His journey embedded with many battles made for a thrilling experience for its loyal viewers and only in the 139th episode of the series do we see his goal being fulfilled.

In the end, he did “Catch em all!” The producer and director of the Pokémon games, including Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Junichi Masuda, took to Twitter to send his warm regards to the beloved character.

Let’s take a look at how Twitterati saw this feat, even though the newest episode has not released in English yet!

It is only fair, to begin with, the woman who lent her voice to Ash Ketchum on the show airing in the United States, Veronica Taylor.

The official Twitter account of Pokémon wrote a poignant message for Ash and honestly, fan or otherwise, it will speak to everyone who is striving to achieve a goal.