22-Year-Old Quits Full-Time Job to Eat Junk Food On YouTube All Day

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While gorging on junk food, we all wish how amazing would it be if we could just eat junk food all day, every day.

Now, interestingly, a woman from London has taken this quite seriously as she went on to quit her full-time job to literally ‘eat’ all day.

In order to pursue a career on YouTube eating McDonald's, Chinese takeaways, Greggs and Pizza Hut, Charna Rowley made the decision to quit her job as an admin worker and indulge in eating.

Rowley consumes around 5,500 calories per sitting and films the whole process of eating and shares them on YouTube.

As bizarre as this practice may sound, up to 40,000 people actually tune in to her channel to just watch her eat all those junk food.

Watch some videos by the 22-year-old below:

Mukbang is the name given to this unique kind of video making and this trend actually originated in South Korea.

As per a report by Mirror, Rowley has no plan to stop anytime soon and her "ultimate aim" is to push herself and successfully consume 10,000 calories in one go.

This lifestyle sounds very unhealthy but Rowley works her way in that too. Rowley weighs 16 stone as per the report and visits the gym four times a week in order to work out and shed the extra fat from the junk food. She also works part-time at a warehouse to support her lifestyle.