21-year old dies under custody, family accuses police of torture, murder

Mandsaur (MP), Apr 04 (ANI): A 21-year-old man Sohail, who was taken into custody for allegedly possessing drugs, was declared brought dead at Mandsaur’s hospital. Family has levelled allegations on police of demanding Rs. 50 lakh and torturing him in police custody. They also accused the police of killing him. Sohail’s brother Murad said, “After arresting him, a policeman demanded Rs 50 lakhs. They killed my brother the same day. There're torture marks on his body.” Mandsaur SP Siddharth Choudhary assured that investigation will be held in the case and the allegations. “He was apprehended by Narcotics Wing with 90 grams of smack. He fell ill and was taken to a hospital where he was declared brought dead. An investigation will be conducted into the allegations,” he added.