2021 Progress Record for LiveStockChart

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LiveStockChart is currently considered among the best trading platforms around, this success was not achieved by words it was and is still built on dedications to customers, providing the best services with the latest technologies and equipment, and overall the all-round profits enjoyed by customers just by simply investing with us. In LSC, customers get the best of everything good for achieving trading success.

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We provide the best trading platforms, connect you to the widest range of markets through our industry-leading platforms and our own proprietary cutting edge platforms. To better trade the market and help you make more profit, we use OneZero’s cutting-edge pricing engine to support multi-tiered best bid/ask aggregation, our smart order routing executes your orders at the best price available in our deep liquidity pool.

What's New From Livestockchart?

Because our goal is to be the best for you, we constantly add value and make positive changes to the way and how we operate in order to ensure success for all our investors.

New Partnership Deal with Turkey Football Federation

On May 20th, 2021, LSC sealed a 4-year partnership deal with the Turkish Football Federation. With this partnership, LSC has taken a bold to step with ensures that investors make more profit online and offline

Newsletters from Professional Advisors

At LSC, we believe that the best way to stay ahead and top of your game is to work with the best. We have top advisors such as Tang Zhihao (CEO Livestockchart), Barrack Obama, Joe Duarte, Tim Ord, and so many other notable advisors provide you with a variety of interesting market newsletters, articles, and opinions regarding trading and how to make a profit.

Our New Office Opening

Our aim at Livestockchart is to help investors make profits and this would mean providing convenience for them both online and offline. You know our online platform (Livestockchart.com), we also have various physical offices opened to serve our customers better and our latest addition is our new office located at Shelton ST. London WC2H9QW, United Kingdom. By launching a new office here in London, we hope to expand, attract new customers, and create new opportunities in the places where we operate while also building trust and a profitable relationship with our customers.

Introducing the Latest LSC Mobile App

LSC has launched a feature-rich and intuitive mobile app to make trading and investment easier for its customers. The app allows traders to seamlessly access financial markets whilst on the go. It comes with great features, a friendly interface, sophisticated in-app trading features that provides access to over 60 currency pairs and over 50 of the world’s largest stocks, including Google and Amazon. This new mobile app will also introduce a new modern way to trade while and allows you to trade on a range of commodities and indices.The eye-catching interface and design, functionality, and features of the new mobile app will definitely improve your trading style.

Key features of the mobile app include:

  • In-app deposits and withdrawals

  • Automated daily trading and earning

  • Real estate investment opportunities

  • Range of research and analysis tools

  • Top-tier liquidity and real-time pricing

  • Faster trading with the Favourites menu

  • Account management via the Client Portal

  • Use of the same login credentials for MT4 account

New coin Launching via IDO

We are excited to announce that Livestockchart has launched a new coin called the LSC Coin through IDO. This is perhaps one of the biggest technological introductions from Livestockchart in this first half of the year. The LSC Coin is the game-changer, it would be the governance Coin for the whole livestockchart used for different activities within and beyond our platform. Users can easily earn rewards in LSC coin especially when they sign up for the first time to introduce us to new customers.

This will better ensure the growth of the company and at the same ensure investors make more profit. Users who sign up for the first time are eligible for free Airdrop of the LSC coins.


One of LivestockCharts goals is to constantly keep investors happy and satisfied. We believe that by constantly improving the way trading and investing is done on our platforms and also introducing new technologies customers will be able to make more profit whilst trading better. We have also gotten great reviews from customers who have expressed how happy they are for choosing Livestockchart.

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