2021 Nissan Magnite v/s Kia Sonet: Which is better?

Somnath Chatterjee
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2021 Nissan Magnite v/s Kia Sonet: Which is better?
2021 Nissan Magnite v/s Kia Sonet: Which is better?

15 Feb 2021: 2021 Nissan Magnite v/s Kia Sonet: Which is better?

The subcompact SUV segment in India has exploded with many new capable entries including the Nissan Magnite and the ever-popular Kia Sonet.

The Magnite promises value for money with its aggressive pricing and keen packaging. However, it has to first meet for a face-off with the current benchmark, which is the Kia Sonet.

So, which one should you buy? Here's our comparison.

Exteriors: Nissan Magnite v/s Kia Sonet: At a glance

The Sonet is slightly longer, wider and taller than the Magnite while both have their distinct visual identities. Design touches like roof-rails, cladding, skid plates and 16-inch alloy wheels are used in both to further accentuate their SUV presence.

However, the Sonet is more aggressive and futuristic looking while the Magnite treads a more conventional path. Overall, both of them look attractive.

Interiors: Nissan Magnite v/s Kia Sonet: Inside the cabin

Inside, the Magnite's interiors come across as simple yet practical while the Sonet puts its focus on technology and features.

The Sonet's cabin and dashboard look more premium with a slight edge in terms of quality.

When it comes to features, both are well equipped but again the Sonet wins with extra equipment like ventilated seats and a sunroof.

Space: Which one is more spacious?

Here, the Magnite holds a slight advantage over the Sonet with a wider rear-seat as well as more legroom and headroom at the rear.

The Sonet is a strict 4-seater, with headroom and legroom being a bit restricted for rear passengers.

Both the SUVs have ample storage space along with big bottle holders in the door pockets. Notably, the Sonet has more boot space.

Under the hood: Power and performance

The Sonet offers more options with two petrol engines (including a turbo-petrol) and one diesel unit. You also get no less than four types of gearboxes with an iMT, DCT, torque-converter, and a manual.

The Magnite is available with two petrol engines with the turbo-petrol being offered with a CVT automatic gearbox.

The Sonet also beats the Magnite by providing different drive modes.

Our verdict: Which one should you buy?

In terms of pricing, the Magnite is clearly a lot cheaper than the Sonet and works best for those who want to buy an SUV on budget.

That said, the Sonet may seem more expensive but it justifies the price-tag in more ways than one. It is a more desirable SUV given the extra features, premium cabin, and the sportier driving experience.