Your 2020 Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Venus Australis

We’re encouraged to celebrate self-love on Valentine’s Day as the Sun brightens Aquarius, the sign of independent thinking. Use this time to figure out your priorities and consider how you’d like to shape your life. If this holiday could be associated with a planet, it would surely be Venus, the heavenly body tied to love and material bliss. And she spends this February 14 in energetic Aries, helping us pursue our desires with gusto.

Check in with your emotions today, as speedy Mercury whizzes through sensitive Pisces. The messenger planet will go retrograde in a few days and is in his shadow phase right now, so take a little extra time to process your thoughts before communicating them to loved ones. We could be inspired to challenge each other while Mars, the planet of sex and action, spends his time in idealistic Sagittarius. Singles may not want to settle down during this transit, while people in relationships may hold their partners to a higher standard. It’s important to remember that we’re all fallible humans and cut each other a little slack. The Moon wanes all day in passionate Scorpio, encouraging us to focus on tying up loose ends and creating a stronger foundation for ourselves. 

21 March to 19 April

You’re all about sharing the love this Valentine’s Day, Aries. The Sun continues to illuminate your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals, putting you in a social mood. If you’re single, you may want to get out and hit the town with a few friends this evening, as romantic Venus passes through ambitious Aries. In a relationship? Let your partner know how you feel while your love ruler inhabits your first house. Routine ruling Mercury moves through sensitive Pisces, making it a good time to sort through your emotions — with a SO or within yourself. You’ll be in the mood for adventure on Friday as Mars moves through bold Sagittarius.
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
20 April to 20 May

Your approach to love is uncomplicated right now, Taurus. Your romantic ruler, Pluto, inhabits practical Capricorn, allowing you to see the world in black and white. Charming Venus spends this Valentine’s Day in dynamic Aries, encouraging you to go after your desires. While this enthusiastic energy is excellent to possess, it could also inspire your inner romantic to come out and pull off some grand gestures for potential or current partners. Aim to keep things light and make sure that you’re having fun too. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
21 May to 20 June

When it comes to love, you’re focused on the big picture, Gemini. Romantic Jupiter spends Valentine’s Day in sensible Capricorn, prompting you to prioritise partnerships over short flings. Singles have been raising their standards since 2nd December 2019, when the lucky planet entered this sign. If you’re paired off, you may notice that you’re focused on taking your connection to the next level. Thought-ruling Mercury inhabits sensitive Pisces, further intensifying your emotions. Single or attached, you may need to work through your feelings in private before voicing them to those you love. Once you conclude, make it known. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
21 June to 22 July

You’ll be happiest hosting a get-together this Valentine’s Day, Cancer. Single Crabs will be in the mood to entertain guests while ambitious Aries energises domestic Venus. If you’re attached, you could be inspired to create a romantic atmosphere to celebrate your love. Romantic Saturn spends this Friday in persistent Capricorn, helping you to see the bright side. You’re in the mood to pursue, so why not employ your powers of seduction? Try not to focus on your end goals, and instead enjoy your experiences with loved ones as lucky Neptune inhabits sensitive Pisces. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
23 July to 22 August

Examine your love language, Leo. You’ve got a talent for making people feel loved and seen. If you’re single, you could be ready for a more profound commitment as the Sun highlights your 7th house of partnerships this February 14. Uranus, a ruler of romance, inhabits steady Taurus, further encouraging you to seek stability and match with partners who have their feet firmly on the ground. Make sure that you’re learning to love yourself fully before pursuing the attention of a future partner. Attached Leos will enjoy this celebration of love with an over-the-top dinner that puts them in the spotlight. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
23 August to 22 September

You need a gentle touch this Valentine’s Day, Virgo. Romantic-ruling Neptune spends the day in sensitive Pisces, bubbling up your emotion. Don’t hold back, and listen to your intuition while this watery sign magnifies the planet of dreams. If you’re in a relationship, things could get a little kinky this evening while sexy Mars inhabits adventurous Sagittarius. Single Virgos should use this energy to tap into their power as individuals and seek out their ideals. You’re not particularly interested in frivolous gifts like candy and flowers, especially while pleasure-seeking Saturn spends V-Day in sensible Capricorn. If you’re giving gifts, you’ll steer towards function over fashion. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
23 September to 22 October

Are you feeling a little bolder, Libra? Passionate Mars inhabits open-hearted Sagittarius this Valentine’s Day, encouraging you to put yourself out there. If you’re single, this is an excellent day to enjoy the dating game and weigh your options. Ruling Venus spends the day in courageous Aries, inspiring you to go after your heart’s desire. Coupled Libras should use this romantic transits to relight the flame of their love with their partner and show appreciation for each other. You’re ready to make a heartfelt connection while inner growth-ruling Mercury inhabits affectionate Pisces.
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
23 October to 21 November

You’re in the mood to make some romantic gestures, Scorpio. Passionate Venus blazes through enthusiastic Aries this Valentine’s Day, putting you in the mood to pursue. You’re more interested in doing the chasing during this transit, so make sure that you’ve got some safe boundaries before you get your head in the game. Partnered Scorpios should use this transit to seduce their partners and enjoy the spirit of the evening. Co-ruling Mars brings a little spice to your evening as he moves through impulsive Sagittarius. Get experimental with your partner and enjoy the fun. If you’re single, this could translate as a hot hookup.
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
22 November to 21 December

Are you losing a little steam, Sagittarius? Your love ruler Mercury is in its shadow period, waning your energy for relationships. If you’re single, you may want to take it slow before the messenger planet goes retrograde in a few days. Attached? Keep the energy of the evening low-key and enjoy sticking close to home. You can have an incredible time in your space without all of the glitz and glamour. Passionate Mars brings the fire into the bedroom this evening as he moves through adventurous Sagittarius — if you’re single, this is a great day to play solo, and celebrate your individuality. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
22 December to 19 January

Be gentle with yourself this Valentine’s Day, Capricorn. Communication-ruling Neptune spends the day in intuitive Pisces, exposing you to the emotions of others. Single or attached, make sure to voice your concerns instead of letting them bottle up. It’s essential for you to feel seen right now. Consider how you respond to feelings of jealousy — the Moon spends the evening waning in intense Scorpio, magnifying your emotions. Learn to rely on yourself and celebrate your wins while ruling Saturn inhabits Capricorn.
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
20 January to 18 February

Let your freak flag fly today, Aquarius! You’re ready to indulge in all the delights that Valentine’s Day has to offer while the love-ruling Sun light up your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance. This is a brilliant day for singles to put themselves out there, and to enjoy getting together with their fellow single pals. Ruling Uranus also inhabits indulgent Taurus this 14th February, offering an excellent opportunity to treat yourself and enjoy a little bliss. If you’re paired off, you’ll be sure to make your partner feel loved and appreciated as they bask in your beautiful glow. You’re interested in creating a luxurious experience this V-Day — your partner should consider themselves lucky.
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria
19 February to 20 March

Valentine’s Day might have been made for you, Pisces. Romantic Mercury whizzes through Pisces, further enhancing your intuition so that you can absorb subtle hints from crushes on your radar. If you’re partnered, this energy will help you to engage with your S.O. and strengthen your bond. Allow yourself to take things a little slower as we approach Mercury’s next retrograde arriving in a few days. The Moon, your ruler of love affairs and romance, wanes in sensual Scorpio, creating a more direct approach to your need for physical connection. If you’re dating, use this powerful transit to connect with your partner. Singles should take the emotions that they gather from this transit in stride, and use it to understand their desires better. 
Illustrated by Amber Vittoria

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