2020 TVS Apache RR310 BS6 (First Ride) Review: Crafted To Be More Invisible Than Before

Rahul Nagaraj

TVS Motor Company introduced their flagship motorcycle, the Apache RR310, in the Indian market back in late-2017. The motorcycle instantly became a hit in the Indian market, mainly due to the way it looks. However, TVS even managed to combine its striking looks with excellent performance, handling and ride characteristics.

Later in 2018, the motorcycle received a slight facelift, which saw the addition of a few new features. This includes the addition of a slipper clutch as well and a new paint scheme. While the overall design remained unchanged, the addition of the slipper-clutch and the new gloss-black paint scheme allowed it to gain more followers in the Indian market.

Fast-forward to 2020 and TVS Motor Company has updated the Apache RR310, yet again. The new (2020) TVS Apache RR310 now comes with a BS6-compliant engine, but that's not it!

TVS flew us to Chennai to test ride the latest-iteration of their flagship motorcycle out on the MMRT (Madras Motor Race Track) and we can confirm, the updates are quite comprehensive. So, what are they? Let's find out!

Design & Styling

The new TVS Apache RR310 as mentioned above has always been one of the best-looking motorcycles in the segment. The striking design with its sharp lines and sporty body panels, give it a very aggressive styling.

Not wanting to change something which is already near-perfect, TVS has retained the same design on the new 2020 Apache RR310 as well. The new BS6 version of the motorcycle comes with the same fully-faired design, with bi-LED headlamps at the front, with faux ram-air intakes below it.

The side fairing on the Apache RR310 comes with sharp cuts and creases along with vents, which enhance cooling. There are also vents designed to remove the hot air from the engine away from the rider's legs. The TVS Apache RR310 also comes with a trellis frame finished in red, which is noticeable below the rider's seats; adding a more sporty character as well.

The rear profile of the Apache RR310 is minimalistic with a high rake angle. The motorcycle comes with uniquely designed LED taillights, which stand-out in a crowd.

Although the design is essentially the same, TVS has updated the colour schemes on the new Apache RR310 BS6. The motorcycle now comes with a new dual-tone grey and black paint scheme, called 'Titanium Black'.

This new paint scheme replaces the Gloss Black option, which was introduced in 2019 with the slipper-clutch update. TVS has, however, continued to offer the 'Racing Red' paint scheme carried forward since the time of its launch in the Indian market.


The new TVS Apache RR310 BS6 now comes equipped with a host of features and technology. Starting with the most important part, the fully-digital coloured instrument cluster.

TVS has done away with the old instrument cluster to now introduce a new 5-inch TFT display with a completely new UI, developed by Continental. The instrument cluster now looks more modern and better equipped than before. It also displays a ton of new information as well. The new TVS Apache RR310 now also comes with four different riding modes: Rain, Urban, Sport & Track.

The 'Rain' and 'Urban' mode offer a different engine mapping compared to the 'Sport' and 'Track' modes. In Rain and Urban mode, the power output from the engine is limited to 26bhp, compared to the standard 34bhp available on the top Sports and Track modes. All four modes also come with varying levels of throttle inputs, as well as different levels of ABS intrusion.

The four modes can be controlled through a new set of switchgear available on the left-side handlebars. TVS has also equipped the new RR310 BS6 model with a host of electronics such as a new throttle-by-wire system and the brand's Glide Through Plus technology.

Along with this, the Apache RR310 now also comes equipped with the brand's proprietary Smart X Connect technology. The connected technology allows the motorcycle to sync with an application on the smartphone offering information such as race telemetry, post-ride analysis, performance indicators, real-time fuel consumption, live tracking and service reminders; among others.

Engine & Performance

The engine on the 2020 TVS Apache RR310 continues to be the same 312cc reverse-inclined single-cylinder liquid-cooled unit. Although the engine has been updated to comply with the latest emission norms, TVS has still managed to offer the same power and torque figures as before. This translates to 34bhp at 9,700rpm and 28Nm of peak torque at 7,700rpm paired with a six-speed manual gearbox.

However, the changes made to the engine are instantly noticeable. The updated engine now feels significantly more refined, with better throttle response and smooth acceleration. The most noticeable change is the significant damping on vibrations, which was present on the first-generation models. Although there is a slight amount of vibrations which do creep in at higher revs, it isn't something to complain about on the 2020 motorcycle.

The presence of a slipper clutch and all the new electronics system, also allow riders to ride the bike more aggressively as well. Quick downshifts and clutchless upshifts are now even easier thanks to the slipper clutch and other electronics on-board.

In terms of riding, the new TVS Apache RR310 now comes equipped with a new set of Michelin Road 5 sticky tyres. This pair of new tyres have excellent grip, offering extreme confidence under all circumstances as well. The tyres have been designed to offer good grip in all conditions, be it on wet or dry tarmac situations. The tyres also allow you to push the bike more confidently even during cornering as well.

The new TVS Apache RR310 with all the new updates is 8 kilograms heavier than before, although it feels more flickable and in control than the previous models.


The 2020 Apache RR310 now comes with a price tag Rs 2.40 lakh, ex-showroom (Delhi); around Rs 15,000 more than the previous model. However, considering the number of changes and updates made to the motorcycle, we feel the price hike is worth every penny.

The new (2020) TVS Apache RR310 has received its most comprehensive update yet. Ever since its launch in the Indian market, the Apache RR310 has been one of the best-looking motorcycles in the segment. Now, with the 2020 updates, it has become even more attractive thanks to its improved performance, riding characteristics and handling.

Rahul Nagaraj Thinks!

Being an Apache RR310 first-generation owner myself, the changes made to the 2020 model are significant. The difference is immediately noticeable, be it in terms of ride and handling, or engine performance. The additional features and upgrades add sobriety to the knowledge that my first-generation RR310 now feels 'OLD'. The good news, however, is that the new RR310 is spectacular, and an upgrade might be around the corner.

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