2020 Remixed: EDM Artist Brings Together the Year's Most Defining Moments in a Viral Video

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If 2020 had a trailer, then it would have been a video created by Cee-Roo, an EDM artist from Switzerland which is now going viral on Facebook. Capturing some of the defining moments of he year, this video is going viral for all the right reasons. The three minute 53 second video, which was posted on the social media platform on December 17, has received 8,705,447 views by now.

Swiss artist Cee-Roo started the video with a montage of mass protests around the world, a mural of American Black man George Floyd who was killed during interrogation by the police, reigniting the Black Lives Matter movement. The video then comes to a pause and shows all the fireworks that took place as people around the world celebrated the new year of 2020, unaware of what the year would present.

The video shows US President Donald Trump showing the newspaper headline that read, "Trump Acquitted." It was after the US Senate voted to save Trump from impeachment trial. From the assassination of Qasem Soleimani by American drone strike to the public mourning of Supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, the year also witnessed the demise of US National Basketball Association star, Kobe Bryant.

Going further, the video shows deserted streets around various cities of the world indicating the spread of coronavirus pandemic. From Wuhan, to New York, to Rome the pandemic had forced people to stay inside their homes. Cee-Roo’s video also captured some heart-warming and hopeful moments of the year where healthcare and frontline workers did whatever they could to save lives and even lift up people’s spirits. Musicians and artists sought creative ways of boosting up the public morale. Some artists played cello on the balconies.

The viral video also shares moments like the deadly bomb blast in Lebanon’s capital city Beirut and the devastating war in Nagorno Karabakh, between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The video ends on a hopeful note as we enter the new year of 2021.

Netizens are in awe of this video which has been shared over 96k times on Facebook. Many hailed this video “powerful” while others said that watching it got them goosebumps. Some users commented how they could not believe that all these events actually took place. Another user commented, “I usually celebrate the coming of new year on 31st....this year I will celebrate the END of the current year on 31st!”

Netizens commented how they wish for a better year. One user commented, “2020 a year of disaster. An " APOCALYPSE " year for everyone all over the world. I hope nothing else to happen until the end of it and 2021 to be a better year for all the humankind.”