Make 2020 your year, and leave the training regret behind

Winter Training Tips

Every rider has ambitions and performance goals for the race season. The only limiting factor is training discipline. To mediate between the reality of your amateur racing goals and life’s broader expectations, you need a training plan which is achievable and convenient – without negating intensity.

Groups can create the required peer pressure for those early morning outdoor rides, but you can’t commit to a group ride each day. The most sustainable training volume is tallied by being self-reliant – and that means riding those mileages at home.

The reality of an amateur racer's training is that family and life come first. Unless you are earning a living from your racing, it is an unhealthy obsession to sacrifice personal relationships and career balance by over-prioritising your training. By the same token, nobody wishes to underachieve.

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Enabling you to develop your amateur racing potential in a holistic way, and not having race after race of remorse for the 2020 season, is Wattbike’s comprehensive physical and digital Atom training systems.

Many riders are embracing the benefits of an indoor smart turbo trainer. With a bike homed in your living room, the immediacy of training access will ensure that you are thin on excuses and full of motivation to total all those essential training sessions.

The Wattbike Atom is a smart trainer without compromise. Designed with Real Ride Feel as the product philosophy and engineered to mimic the resistance and pedal stroke dynamics of a chain and derailleur tensioned drivetrain, it is the ultimate amateur racer’s training tool.

The Wattbike Atom allows you to transform your living room into a pain cave without limits. It uses delicately calibrated magnetic resistance to produce gradient peaks of up to 25%, which is effectively double the worst bits of Alpe d'Huez.

Winter Training Tips

A Wattbike Atom can also sustain up to 2000w of peak input power – which means that even Peter Sagan won’t overburden it.

The Wattbike Atom’s design has a proper top tube and a pseudo fork structure, which braces onto the floor mount. Its robust design allows you to apply maximum effort during out-of-the-saddle sprints, with a length of 150cm and stabilising width of 50cm.

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Beyond its considered ergonomics and Real Ride Feel operation, the Atom also offers excellent digital coaching assistance.

The era of notebooks full of scribbled training logs and data, which had to be painstakingly analysed and interpreted, is over. If you need to get that progressive training programme for the 2020 season, which is tailored to your ability and schedule, Wattbike’s unified digital integration will enable.

Featuring ANT+, FE-C and bluetooth connectivity, the Atom will pair with your digital training devices and seamlessly integrate apps. The Wattbike Atom also promises of less than 2% data variation on your pedalling efforts, across the entire power range (unlike other competitors which tend to take samples at different points).

Applying digitisation to any experience does not necessarily enhance it. Infuriating digitisation creates a frictional user experience and to avoid this, Wattbike’s software engineers have made the Atom elegantly simple to set-up.

Winter Training Tips

Device syncing is wonderfully seamless with a Wattbike Atom and if you mount a tablet on the bar extension frame, the immersive Zwift virtual cycling world will come to life. For those riders who are more familiar with TrainerRoad or the Sufferfest apps, they also integrate seamlessly and when you buy an Atom, you can try all with free extended trials with every purchase.

Using the Wattbike Hub app, which is complementary with each Atom purchased, you’ll have access to a wealth of training programmes and data analysis. Monotony is the undoing of many training ambitions and to avoid that, Wattbike’s Hub app offers an array of diverse training features.

Shock your body into producing gains and smashing those plateaus by using the Wattbike app and Atom to simulate real-world sprints, climb, intervals and even mild cadence endurance sessions. The deep data analysis available with Wattbike’s Hub app allows amateur cyclists to effectively run their own professional-grade sports science laboratory at home.

Winter Training Tips

One of the most significant risks for any amateur cyclist, building their training volume for the race season, is having imperfect technique triggering an injury. The Wattbike Atom has a unique industry measurement feature, the Pedal Effectiveness Score, allowing you to analyse and perfect your pedal stroke in real-time.

The best training miles are those that you actually tally. Having a sophisticated indoor trainer and deep data analysis is the secret weapon that your rider group and rivals don’t have to know about.

The Wattbike Atom comes with a two-year guarantee, a 30 day return period, free delivery and is available from $2,599.00

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