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Lace up your walking boots and prepare to embark on a new long-distance hiking trail in Georgia. Opening stage by stage, the Transcaucasian Trail will be the first long-distance walking route through the Caucasus. Though it will be 3,000km when complete, only a few hundred kilometres are ready, so far, in the country’s northwest Upper Svaneti region, where new guesthouses are also opening. [Photo: Getty]

The 2019 holiday hotlist: The overseas destinations to book a trip to this year

Ellie Ross

Wondering where to book for your next holiday?

With anniversaries, new flight routes and sporting events, there are plenty of must-visit overseas destinations to choose from, whether you’re keen to soak up culture or simply a bit of sunshine.

From the deserts of Jordan to the ice cap of Greenland, these are the hottest destinations to visit this year.