2018’s Viral People Who Distracted You From Your Life Goals

Did you spend a good part of this year engrossed in viral content while looking like you were busy working? Guilt not. These viral people, places and things not only summed up your feelings about life this year perfectly they also taught you some important life lessons.

The Dancing Uncle showed you that being an Uncle is not Un-Cool.

Grooving to his moves from obscure wedding functions in Bhopal some of us even have Mr Srivastav on Google alert. Please just quit your day job. Your true calling as an entertainer beckons.

The ‘Chai Peelo’ Aunty challenged the idea that just sitting around drinking tea won’t make you famous. YouTube startups trying to crack the viral code should learn from her. She was trending for like two months and now no one can write off ‘’housewife aunty-types’’ any more.

The Chinese Girl Who Scaled the “Great Wall of Tamil” is the total jawab to people who feel they can’t travel to the South because of the ‘language barrier’. Just listen to her give this complete itihaas lession in Shuddh Desi Tamil.

And while we are in the South, The Bride And Groom Who Get Petrol As A Wedding Present show us that in this day of mega shaadi spend at least someone is being practical. Well done you both. Aashirvaad.

Meanwhile in Mumbai before the social media juggernaut of her wedding ran over us, rumours of PeeCee Ki engagement used to actually create a happy buzz. PeeCee’s Panditji, who rocked up with his duffel bag, was a reminder that the supporting cast of even the most blockbluster shaadi is where the real story is.

But if you were a member of the media, your tryst with weddings is best summed up by #DeepVeerKiShaadi ki ye picture which was basically our endless wait for that first photo.

But then to shake us out of our stupor were the day’s politics, which for a while seemed to give us an endless stream of shock worthy moments that were aptly displayed by this viral expression from Meryl Streep.

Tavleen Singh tells Faye de Souza she is dressed like a man..

The shock we had at some passing news that took over our conversations for a while

Sharad Yadav says Vasundhara Raje was getting tired and had gained weight

Meryl Streep’s image that went viral

And some lady in America saying Priyanka Chopra was a scam artist...

Meryl Streep’s expression summed up our feelings

But when Suhel Seth was called out in #MeToo, if there was one thing we were not, it was...surprised.

No Sir we are not surprised.

Speaking of some Indian men, the sanskaari image vs IRL personality of many people were questioned this year. The mascot of hypocrisy being the father of modern Indian sanskaariness, Alok Nath. The fun memes that usually surfaced on his birthday diminished in their funniness as seen in this collation thereby making us rethink the meme-worth-i-ness of some people

Alok Nath

And while the rest of the world was trying to get rid of toxic masculinity, these men decided to get rid of what they termed ‘toxic feminism’ by taking a holy dip themselves. Not sure how they thought that would work but they went ahead nonetheless. Their immediate rise from obscurity showed us that there are always new ways to get attention.

These men apparently conducted a ‘pishachini mukti puja’ to rind themselves of the baggage of their past marriages

But to end on a sweeter note, we bring you the most edible Viral thing on the internet this year - Priyanka- Nick’s wedding cake. Some of us were hoping we could rent it as an Airbnb and others were just hoping we could eat it but for most of us we learnt that neither would be a possibility.

And with that the year just came and went like Thugs of Hindustan and we hope you did more than watch all this news but if you didn’t don’t worry there is always next year for your life goals. Like they say, never put off to tomorrow what you can put off to next year.

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