'20 Years of Good Memories': Couple Leaves 2000 Dollar Tip at Restaurant Where They Had First Date

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One's favorite restaurant or a café isn't just about delicious food or ambience, the place builds an emotional bond as people make memories at the place we can fondly cherish forever. Going out with your family, friends or loved ones to your favorite spot makes you attached to the place with each visit and the memories you make over food.

A couple, from Chicago, left a generous tip at their favorite local joint to help the place go through the difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic. The picture of the receipt was shared by the restaurant on their Facebook page on Valentine’s Day.

The couple left a huge tip of USD 2000 with their order of only USD 137.33 at Club Lucky in Chicago, US. The receipt carries a handwritten note thanking the restaurant for "20 years of good memories, excellent food and outstanding services. Cheers to many more," reads the note. The sweet story behind the act will make youteary eyed and restore your faith in humanity.

The caption of the Facebook revealed that the guest had his first date with his wife at the same restaurant 20 years ago on February 12. The couple had been coming back every year on the same day and time -- 7.30 -- and sitting at the same booth #46. "We have given him a standing, permanent reso at this time every year!’ the caption read. The restaurant moved by the incredible act thanked the couple for their generosity. "We are honoured to be a special part of this couple's life and very VERY grateful for their generosity! During this difficult time, it instantly uplifted the spirits of our entire staff! We cannot thank you enough," post reads.

The couple asked for the tip to be split equally between the 'amazing staff'.

The act has touched people’s hearts that are applauding the heartfelt gesture. One of the users shared that she and her husband had their first date at The Club Lucky too. Another user wrote that Club Lucky is like ‘home for many as they put out such great service.'