2.0 Movie Review: LIVE Updates Of The Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar Starrer!


2.0 is making its entry to the theatres and the wait to witness one of the biggest ever visual extravaganza's of Indian cinema has come to an end. The expectations surronding this Rajinikanth starrer is mammoth and 2.0 is indeed one such movie which could be projected as the prestigious project of the Indian cinema. The science-fiction that is expected to be filled with the required commercial elements is expected to offer a scintillating cinematic experience. Moreover, the film has been shot in 3D, which assures an amazing theatre experience. 2.0's first shows will begin at 4 AM in the morning.

  • The theatre atmosphere is just electrifying and the moment that the audiences have been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, 2.0 is all set to weave magic on screen. Despite being an early morning show, it is a fully-packed theatre with audiences all excited to watch their favourite star on the big screen.
  • Well, one thing is of sure that only a man like Shankar could pull off such a concept and come up with a film that stays true to the science-fiction genre. The initial half of the film is nothing less than fabulous and it is a fast paced one. The characters have been well established so far with the backing of a solid build up. Superstar steals the show with his stellar performance whereas we are yet to be introduced in detail to Akshay Kumar's character. Needless to say, the VFX works are simply mind-blowing with the pre-interval portions offering something really special to the audiences. Definitely, a big and promising second half is on its way. Let us wait and see.
  • A Fasinating cinematic experience in total. The second half of the film scores higher than the first half with some racy back-to-back sequences, which keep the audiences hooked to their seats and some surprises which are sure to be a delight for one and all. The last 30-40 minutes of the film offer a never-seen before experience to the audiences, which deserves to be savoured in 3D.

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the interesting facts surrounding 2.0

Arnold Schwarzenegar

Interestingly, many other actors were initially considered for the character played by Akshay Kumar in the movie. In fact, director Shankar also revealed that they had talked to Arnold Schwaznegar for the role.

The Budget Of The Movie

2.0 is rightly the costliest ever movie in the history of Indian cinema. Going by the reports that have been doing the rounds, 2.0's total budget including promotions is expected to have touched the 500-Crore mark.

Not A Sequel

Interestingly, 2.0 is not a sequel to the blockbuster movie Enthiran as many of the audiences consider. It is just that the characters Chitti and Vaseegaran have been placed in a different story line.

Aishwarya Rai's Presence

In one of the interviews given to Behindwoods, Shankar has revealed that Aishwarya Rai's character Sana is a part of the script of the movie but the film won't have any visual appearance of the character.

The Surprise

The audiences are awaiting for the big surprises to be unveiled in the theatres. One of the promo videos suggested that Rajinikanth will be seen in different makeovers. While 3 makeovers of the actor were revealed, the audiences have been left guessing with the suspense revolving the fourth getup as well.

The VFX Works

2,0 is rightly expected to be a visual extravaganza and the VFX works of the film are expected to be world class. In fact, a lot of time has been invested by the team for the perfection of the VFX works.

2.0 Pre-release Business

2.0 is expected to have recovered more than 80 % of its budget in the form of the pre-release business that it has had. If reports are to be believed, the movie has already done a business of above 450 Crores.


2.0 is definitely one of the highly awaited movies. The film was expected to release earlier, but the film underwent postponements owing to the delay in the VFX works.

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