1999 Malaysia Cup - A special edition for the historic competition

Since the competition started back in 1921, the Malaya Cup as it was known then before the change to Malaysia Cup in 1967, has seen numerous champions not least with Selangor and Singapore capturing the grand old trophy 57 times out of the 95 times that is has been held, where it was suspended between 1942-1947 because of World War II.

Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pulau Pinang, Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Kedah have also won the oldest cup competition in Southeast Asia but even all those six teams combined, could not match what Selangor and Singapore has done in the competition.

Initially only for state teams, clubs were allowed in the modern era with MPPJ being the first club side to win the illustrious competition in 2003. But the 1999 final between Sarawak and Brunei has its own significance and here's why.

Malaysia Cup trophy leaving West Malaysia

While the trophy has primarily been in the hands of a peninsular team, it has of course gone over the causeway to Singapore for plenty of times. But with both Sarawak and Brunei being in the final, it meant that the trophy would be going across the South China Sea for the very first time no matter who wins.

First and only all-Borneo final

By nature because of how well Selangor and Singapore has done in the competition, they are the most common fixture in the final of the Malaysia Cup, 23 times with the last one being in 1981. Prior and post 1999, it has never happened before that two Borneo teams would contest the final, this was the only time it ever occured.

Goodbye Merdeka Stadium

The iconic stadium was first used in the 1957 final between Perak and Selangor where the former emerged as champions, the year Malaysia got their independence where it was also famously used in that particular ceremony. 34 more times since it was used for the Malaysia Cup final with this Sarawak and Brunei clash in 1999 being the last one.

Last ever win by non-Malaysian side

After a long association with the competition, Singapore bowed out of Malaysian football in 1995 when it was decided that they would concentrate on their league starting that year. Which meant that the 1999 final which saw Brunei beating Sarawak 2-1, was the final time that the famous trophy was won by a team not from Malaysia.

In the final, two goals from Rosli Liman on either side of Ramles Sari's goal for Sarawak was enough to give the Brunei side their only ever triumph in Malaysian football.