19-yr-old MP Woman Paraded in Torn Clothes, Flogged by Family for Eloping with Man from Another Tribe

Alirajpur: A 19-year-old tribal woman was publicly flogged with sticks by her family members at a remote village in Madhya Pradesh’s Alirajpur district, for eloping with a boy from a separate tribe.

In the 1.42-minute video that has now gone viral, several men can be seen forcing the agonised woman to parade in torn clothes as they beat her black and blue. Her painful squeals went unheard as she begged for mercy.

Meanwhile, as her tormentors hurled abuses at her, one of the men began shooting a video of the act.

The police have sprung into action soon after they came across the video, even though a formal complaint has not been lodged, yet.

The woman, who belongs to the Bhilala tribe, was punished by the male members of her family for falling in love with a man from Bheel tribe.

“The woman, her father and the sarpanch are not in the village, hence their statements in the matter cannot be recorded as of now,” Sub divisional officer police, RC Bhakar, said.

The Madhya Pradesh government has often drawn flak for repeated incidents of violent mob activities.

Previously, in June this year, a young couple from different tribes were tied to separate wooden poles and thrashed by the woman’s family and villagers for being in a romantic relationship in Alirajpur district. A similar incident took place in Dhar where a woman was brutally beaten up for falling in love with a Dalit man.

Earlier, in April, a woman from Patliya tribe was forced to parade with husband on her shoulders amid drum beats and teasing from villagers for eloping in Jhabua district. While in January, a 25-year-old married woman was forced to publicly breastfeed the man she had eloped with on the diktat of a Bheel tribal panchayat in Alirajpur district.