19 sports trainers claim they were sacked for missing Run forUnity

19 sports trainers claim they were sacked for missing Run forUnity Ahmedabad, Nov 8 (PTI) Several trainers hired by theSports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) to prepare young talents atthe school level on Friday alleged 19 of them were sacked forbeing absent during the 'Run For Unity' event held on October31.

The sacking, they claimed, came despite some of themmissing out on the event due to illness and pregnancy.

'Our services have been terminated just because wecould not attend Run for Unity event at our respectiveplaces,' said Hansraj Chauhan, a fencing trainer stationed ata school in Banaskantha.

'I was at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan when I was asked overphone to come back for the event. Since Diwali vacation wasannounced in schools, many of us were out of station. Since Icould not come back in such short notice, I was sacked,' hesaid.

He said all 19 trainers would make a representation toSAG officials at Gandhinagar on Monday against the decision.

The notification, dated November 7, was addressed tofour private agencies which were roped in under the 'In-School' scheme of SAG to provide trainers to prepare schoolstudents in different sports such as Badminton, Athletics,Fencing, Volleyball and Basketball. It said SAG DirectorGeneral CV Som has given assent.

Som could not be contacted for comments.

The notification, under the heading 'In-School Run forUnity Absent Trainers detail' has a list of 19 trainers whoseservices were terminated.

These include one Mohammad Imran Shaikh, an athleticstrainer stationed at a school in Gandhidham, Kutch.

In the remark section against his name, SAG noted'Absent (Own Marriage)'.

Payal Antala, a badminton trainer from Navsari wassacked as she was absent because of 'Emergency Medical LeavePregnancy'.

Against three trainers, the remark said 'Absent(Dengue)', While one was 'out of station' and another 'out ofstate'.

As per the SAG website, In-School scheme was launchedin 2014-15 under PPP model to prepare school children fordifferent sports at young age without disturbing theirstudies. PTI PJT PDBNM BNM