19 female foetuses found in Maharashtra's Sangli district; here are three recent cases in India

Sriparna Ghosh
Female foeticide

In another shocking incident of female foeticide, the district police of Western Maharashtra recovered 19 aborted female foetuses, dumped near a stream at a village of the Sangli district, on Sunday (March 5).

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The police found the foetuses buried in the ground while investigating a 26-year-old woman's death while undergoing abortion on February 28¸.

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"So far we have found the remains of 19 female foetuses. These foetuses are aborted and buried with an intention of disposing them off," Superintendent of Police (Sangli) Dattatray Shinde said.

The incident took place at the private hospital of Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure in Mhaisal village.

"As the villagers suspected a foul play in the woman's death, they approached police, following which the racket was busted," Shinde said and added that the doctor, Khidrapure, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Homoeopathy, had escaped.

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The woman was taken to the hospital by her husband Praveen Jamdade, who, despite objections of the father-in-law wanted his wife to abort the third girl child.

According to the BBC, Shinde said, "It appears to be an abortion racket. We have arrested the husband of the woman, and have launched a manhunt for the doctor who has gone missing".

Here are three more cases of female foeticide:

  • On December 5, 2016, 6-7 month-old female foetus was found on the terrace of an under-construction house in southwest Delhi's Bindapur area. Besides launching a hunt to identify the doctor who carried out the abortion, the police had also tried to trace the entity of the parents.
  • In another incident in Maharashtra, an infant girl was found dead in the Kumbhar Wada area near Dengle bridge on June 17, 2016. The two-day old infant was found by some children who went for cattle grazing on the banks of the Mutha river near Dengle bridge. According to the police, the baby girl was born out of an illicit affair and fell on the concrete wall by the riverside and died.
  • On February 20, another four-month-old female foetus was found in a dustbin by the cleaning staff at World Spa East, an upscale high rise in Gurgaon. Though the abortion of the female foetus fell within this stipulated time period of twenty weeks, the police registered a case as the disposal and discovery of the foetus raised questions like whether proper procedures were followed and if it was a forced abortion.

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