18th Pune International Film Festival: ‘Makeup artists here have to think differently than foreigner ones,’ says Vikram Gaikwad

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Vikram Gaikwad at the festival on Sunday. (Express photo)

Well known film make-up artist Vikram Gaikwad said Sunday that makeup for actors is no longer about beautification and that with rise of realism in cinema, the challenge is to put makeup that will give a realistic look suitable for the characters.

Gaikwad delivered a lecture at the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) on the topic ‘Makeup Designer- Creating the illusion’ at PVR Icon. He was interviewed by Dr Jabbar Patel, director, PIFF.

“While working on a Caucasian, Afro-American or Mongolian face, you generally use only two colour shades. However, in India, you’ll find a lot of types of skin tones and different facial and nose features. Indian makeup designers have to think differently compared with foreign designers. That’s why they are good even if they don’t use advanced kind of makeup,’’ said Gaikwad.

He said the expectations and needs of filmmakers have changed from makeup designers over the years. Gaikwad said, ‘‘There was a time in our industry when makeup was mis-conceptualised as beautification. I have seen actors hesitating to put up realistic makeup, but over the years the scene has changed. Actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh surrender to the makeup designer and value the art a lot.’’

Among the films screened on Sunday were Widow of Silence and Nirvana Inn.

“A news report about the conditions of half-widows in Kashmir led me to make this film. I went to Kashmir to interview these women and one of them told me that ‘nobody considered them alive’... I did research on the subject and formed the stories of these women into one story,” said Praveen Morchhale, director, Widow of Silence.

Vijay Jaypal, director, Nirvana Inn, said, “The title refers to the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation. It is a non-linear film and experienced actors brought a lot to the table.”