17 Militants of ISIS Killed in Libya Following US Airstrikes; 6 Vehicles Also Destroyed

Shubhang Chauhan
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No other group had until now claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the police which claimed at least 16 lives.

New York, September 24: The United States on Friday conducted airstrikes in Libya killing 17 militants of ISIS. Also, three vehicles of ISIS were destroyed in the airstrikes. Washington Post quoted officials of US forces saying six strikes were conducted against the desert camp of the terrorist outfit that was used to dispatch the terrorist time on Friday.

The statement of the US forces further stated that US will hunt militants, disrupt their planning by lawful means that includes strikes. The US has shaken hands with the Libyan administration to destroy the roots of the terrorist organisation. As per reports, the militants of ISIS created a shelter point in Libya since the organisation commenced its operations.

Libya has an ungoverned space that allows terrorists to hide in the bushes. The statement also added that government of Libya did make effort to destroy ISIS but more needs to be done.

The statement of US forces asserted that the political turmoil in Libya has paved way for terrorists to take shelter here but if this is not taken into account then it would allow the dreaded organisation to plan and launch attacks on America and its allies around the globe.