16 Rohini Jail Inmates, 12 Staff of Delhi Prison Dept Tested Covid-19 Positive so far

Sixteen inmates of Rohini jail and 12 staff members of the Delhi Prison department have tested positive for coronavirus so far, officials said on Friday.

Of the 16 inmates, 13 have recovered, a senior jail official said.

The twelve staff members belong to different jails. Among them, two are from Rohini jail, two from Thar's jail number 2, one from jail number 7 also of Tihar, one each from jail number 11, 13 and 14 of Mandoli jail, three from the headquarters of Delhi Prison department while one constable from Tamil Nadu Special Police, the official said.

Among the 12 staff members, one from jail number 10 of Tihar has recovered and tested negative, the official said.

The rest of the staff members have mild symptoms. Two have been admitted in the hospital while the rest are currently under home quarantine, the official said.

A 28-year-old inmate of Rohini jail was the first who tested positive for the disease in May. He was asymptomatic.