15-year-old tells 'GMB' he'll buy his mum a house after winning £900k on 'Fortnite'

Chris Edwards
Jaden Ashman won £900k after coming second in the Fortnite World Cup Finals and has now been offered a £50k a year contract (ITV)

15-year-old gamer Jaden Ashman says he will buy his mum a house with the £900,000 he won coming second in the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York.

Appearing on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, Ashman told presenters that he now plans to make a career out of gaming after being offered a £50,000 a year contract.

Asked what he was going to do with his winnings, he said: “Probably going to buy my mum a house, so we can just chill out. Me and my brother have a bunk bed, so my set-up is here and my bed is right next to it. Definitely buy a house so that I can separate my gaming from my sleeping.”

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The teenager admitted that he and his Dutch gaming partner were hoping to finish in the top ten of the competition, but never expected to come second.

“It took a lot of time and a lot of practice. I played for eight hours a day sometimes,” he added. I try to kill a lot of the dead hours out so sometimes watching YouTube or Netflix – that’s not practise.”

On meeting his Dutch gaming partner for the first time in real life, he said: “He’s a bit older than me. It was like I knew him but I didn’t know him. It was really, really good because it was that time to have that connection.”

Ashman's mum Lisa Dallman admitted she knew nothing about the competition, but has been impressed by her son's skills (ITV)

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Ashman’s mum Lisa Dallman admitted that she had no idea how big the competition was, telling the presenters: “I didn’t take it seriously. All I know he’s playing Fortnite.”

“Since going to New York, I have learnt so much about the game and it’s not just about the game, it’s all of the skills that Jaden uses to play it… my son is equipped with so many skills I didn’t even realise that he was using in that game.”