14-year-old Philadelphia girl sues motel for being forced into sex trade with 1,000 men

Namrata Tripathi
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A 14-year-old girl from Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court against a motel for forcing her into sex trade with at least 1,000 men, according to reports.

The girl, in her lawsuit, accused the roadside motel, Roosevelt Inn, of being the 'local epicenter of human trafficking.' She said that the motel was known for renting rooms to men who forced teenage girls into sex trade with them.

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The girl alleged that she was held hostage in the motel for months at a stretch and was forced into having sexual encounters with as many as 1,000 men. The teenage victim, in her lawsuit, claimed that her abuse went on for more than two years, according to a report published in The Washington Post.

The victim's lawyer, Nadeem Bezar, said that the motel owners earned a profit from her abuse and rented out rooms to her traffickers

"The motel has a history of illicit activities, from drugs to several incidents surrounding trafficking and prostitution," Bezar said.

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The lawyer said that over two years ago, the teenage girl had left her home after a falling out with her parents and was desperately looking for a place to stay in. That is when she mingled with the "wrong crowd" who eventually sold her into sex slavery, reports state.

The victim, in her lawsuit, has also said that she was forced to have sex with men twice or thrice her age. The lawsuit adds that her traffickers looked for new customers through online advertisement and even negotiated with them over the prices. After negotiations, the customer then would come down to the motel and was escorted to the room by a clerk where the sex slaves were kept.

The girl reportedly fled from her captors and reunited with her family. Although, the traffickers have been arrested and jailed since then, the victim has also filed a lawsuit against the motel for assisting the sex trade business in their facility.

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