14-day Mandatory Quarantine for Those Coming to Kerala on Domestic Flights

Neethu Reghukumar

The Kerala government has decided to mandatorily quarantine those coming to the state on domestic flights for 14 days.

A day ahead of resumption of flight services in the country amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown, the Pinarayi Vijayan-led government issued a detailed guideline issued in this regard. It said if anyone has any symptom during a health check-up at the airport on arrival, they will be sent to a COVID-19 care centre or hospital. Asymptomatic passengers will be put on home quarantine.

After buying flight tickets, travellers have to register their details in the Covid-19 Jagratha portal https://covid19jagratha.kerala.nic.in/ and obtain a travel permit. The permit will be issued with a QR Code in the registered mobile number and email.

However, if the local self-government institutions (LSGIs) concerned do not confirm the availability of home quarantine facility in the Covid-19 Jagratha portal before they reach the destination airport, passengers will be sent to institutional quarantine in the districts concerned. Symptomatic passengers will be put in institutional quarantine.

Travellers can use own their vehicles or rent one for travelling back home. One person, excluding the driver, will be allowed to pick up the passenger.

If the person who receives the passenger comes in to physical contact with the latter, he or she shall also remain under home quarantine for 14 days.

District administrations will also make arrangements for operating buses to other district headquarters/major towns to drop arriving passengers.

For those travelling out of Kerala, the authorities will provide facilities for medical screening and issuing exit passes at designated airports. Passengers would have to reach airports at least three hours before departure for medical screening and obtaining a certificate.

The screening will be limited to convey asymptomatic status of the person, and the contact history with COVID-19 confirmed cases will be recorded in the certificate as per self-declaration by individuals.