13 Honest Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘GOT’ Season 8, Episode 2

1. Friends, it’s another Monday dawning upon us. Let’s hold hands and pray to the old Gods, and the new, for the protection of all our favorite Game of Thrones characters. Tnx.

2. But first, TITLE SEQUENCE

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3. So it begins. Hmm, ngl, Jaime has some #BigDEnergy visiting Khaleesi when her ego is PEAKING. LOL.

4. “The things we do for love”. - LMAO, Bran is throwing shade like Jaime threw him out.

5. For real you guys, I think Arya has some major hots for Gendry. #watchthisspaceformore

6. *chants the holy verse with Jamie and Tyrion* - “....and a girl’s mouth around my....”

7. I’ve always waited for Khaleesi and Sansa to have the #womantalk, but this one was QUITE anti-climactic. GURLS, STOP FIGHTING WTH EACH OTHER, SISTERHOOD BEFORE MISTERHOOD!!!???

8. Urm, hold me but did they say the Army of the Dead (TM) is arriving TOMORROW? (Do they mean IST? I have so many questions...)



10. Really awk talking about this, but Tormund’s giant milk story just really got me feeling like:

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11. Guys, Arya did THAT.

12. Live footage of my hand as Jaime honors Brienne:

11. Urm, I’ve always rooted for Khaleesi but I’d have expected a more mature reaction to the news? Girl really needs to sit down.

12. OKURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. They’re here. That’s it. Why do I feel like giving the Night King some socks...??? Y’all think he feels cold at night?

13. And now, we wait.

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