12-Year-Old Son of Surat Diamond Merchant Set to Become Jain Monk Today

His Diksha or initiation ceremony is to be held in surat on Thursday and is expected to be attended by almost 5,000 monks and over 7,000 visitors

New Delhi: A 12-year-old boy from Surat, Gujarat, has decided to quit the luxuries of material life and become a monk.

Bhavya Sachwani, son of a diamond merchant, is all set to receive Diksha and join the order of Jain monks in Surat on Thursday. The ceremony is expected to be attended by almost 5,000 monks and there will be over 7,000 visitors.

Asserting that seeking Diksha was his own decision, Bhavya stated that he wanted to take the path of truth shown by God and leave behind the sins of comfortable, family life.

#Surat: Family celebrates as 12-year-old Bhavya Shah will become a Jain monk at a ceremony tomorrow, says, 'I'm happy to take the path of truth shown by God.' His father, a diamond merchant, says, 'Our family is extremely happy, my daughter also did the same at the age of 12.' pic.twitter.com/4G80CAWeRL

— ANI (@ANI) April 18, 2018

Diksha refers to the ceremonial initiation into the Jain order by accepting to renounce not only material comforts, but also emotional attachments to family and loved ones.

His family though is no stranger to their children becoming hermits.

According to reports, the boy’s older sister also took Diksha and renounced her family when she turned 12, ANI reported.

Bhavya’s parents are proud of him for making the decision and believe that when the time comes, they too will take the same path as their children.

This is not the first time a young boy from Gujarat has wanted to renounce material life in order to practice being a monk.

In 2017, 17-year-old Varshil Shah from Ahmedabad made news when he declared his intention of becoming a Jain monk after scoring 99.9 % percentile marks in his Class 12 examinations.