12 year old Abhimanyu Mishra becomes youngest Grandmaster in chess history

Hungary (Budapest), July 04 (ANI): 12 year old Abhimanyu Mishra from New Jersey on June 30 scored his third GM norm and became the youngest chess grandmaster in history. He already crossed the required 2500 Elo rating barrier. Chess grandmaster Abhimanyu Mishra said, “Final game was a very tight game and somehow I was able to win that. It felt like this huge pressure and everything finally got lifted off because we were here for the last 2.5 months.” “I started (chess) when I was 2.5-yr-old. My role model is Magnus Carlsen. My ultimate goal is to become a world champion. My next intermediate goal is to become a super-master. I am hoping to do that before age of 15,” he added.

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