'Out of 12 Bodies & Counting': As Akbaruddin Questions Trump's Move, Can US Really Leave WHO?

New Delhi: Questioning the position of global order, former Indian diplomat Syed Akbaruddin on Wednesday posted an article on Twitter that stated that US had pulled of 12 bodies/treaties amid a rising number of coronavirus cases.

"Whither Global Order? US out of 12 bodies/Treaties ..& still counting..(sic)," he tweeted.

According to a report in CNN, the Trump administration has notified Congress and the United Nations that the United States is formally withdrawing from the World Health Organization.

The withdrawal, which goes into effect next July, has drawn criticism from bipartisan lawmakers, medical associations, advocacy organisations and allies abroad. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vowed on Tuesday to reverse the decision "on (his) first day" if elected.

President Donald Trump had on May 29 announced that the US would be "terminating its relationship" with the World Health Organization. Since then there has been considerable uncertainty and debate on whether US can "leave" the WHO.

The US government is yet to clarify what "terminating" its relationship with WHO actually means.

Benjamin Mason Meier, an expert in international law and global health at UNC Chappel Hill, was recently quoted by Forbes as saying: "The President does not have the legal authority to withdraw the United States from WHO, with US law requiring one-year notice and the full payment of assessed contributions prior to withdrawal."

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