12 Of The Absolutely Best Bollywood Performances Of 2018

Ankur Pathak

2018. A year that saw stars fail and characters shine.

All the three Khans, who’ve enjoyed an unprecedented run in Bollywood, delivered massive flops, triggering a seismic shift in the industry. Seemingly smaller films succeeded purely due to the merit of the script and impressive performances.

It was tough to bring this list of best performances down to 12 as plenty of actors did commendable work this year.

However, in this list are actors who didn’t just seamlessly blend into their characters—instead, they disappeared into them, making the viewer forget their offscreen persona for a few hours.

So here is our list of some of the most outstanding performances in Hindi films this year.

Tabu - AndhaDhun

In an illustrious career where she’s delivered a number of knockout performances, AndhaDhun’s Simi is a role where Tabu seems to have had the most amount of fun. The charmingly deceptive character commands every frame she’s in. Delivering lines laced with both dark humour and actual threats, Tabu dominates the screen, her performance one of the film’s many highlights.


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