11 Times Indian Women Tore Apart Abusive, Sexist Trolls on the Internet

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    All I can understand from this is, lot of times people really cross limits and forgets that even celebs are humans, Imagine how would you feel if some stranger making remarks on you and your family..
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    & in fact if celebrities are responding to such trolls or even giving answers in a fightful manner, it shows their own bad temperament which in turn affects their goodwill & overall image in society.
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    befitting replies from all women to those with NARROW MINDS. hahahahh
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    Not a big thing really. Its everywhere across world not just in India. & everybody even men face such kind of criticism. This is what one carries along with fame & name. & in fact celebrities should ignore such things. Any celebrity who is unable to ignore it does not deserve the position she/he is into.
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    Why fools are angry that someone show legs while sitting in front of FEKU Modi? HE is much used to viewing legs of RSS chaddiwallah. Ha Ha Ha.