The 11-year-old skateboarding prodigy with her eyes on Tokyo


"So I think girls can do anything boys can do and maybe even better."

Sky Brown is on the cusp of becoming Britain's youngest ever Olympian.

The 11-year-old is a skateboarding prodigy and part of the Team GB squad hoping to make it to the 2020 Tokyo Games, where skateboarding makes its debut.

Unlike many other Olympic sports, skateboarding does not have an age requirement.

If she qualifies, Brown will be 12 years and 12 days old when it begins - eclipsing the record set by swimmer Margery Hinton, who was 13 when competing in the 1928 Olympics.

It's a lot of pressure riding on small shoulders.


"We weren't going to do the Olympics because my parents thought it was too much pressure but then Team GB, Lucy Adams, she's like the boss of the Skateboarding Association, she said 'There's no pressure. Just get out there and have fun' and that the way I skate. I don't think of it as a training thing but I think of it more as my happy place. It's like a playground for me."

Brown was born in Japan but spends a lot of time in California - with her British father and Japanese mother - and is passionate about making sure that the skatepark is open to all.


"That's why I want to be in the Olympics to inspire girls and hopefully when they see me, this little girl doing this crazy trick, hopefully when they see me they'll be like 'Maybe I can do that too'."