11-year-old girl to become youngest mother in Britain

Namrata Tripathi
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An 11-year-old pregnant girl in Britain is due to become the country's youngest mother. Police investigations have reportedly been launched into the case.

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Police have said that the father of the baby is believed to be another minor, just a few years older than the girl.

Details of the girl's pregnancy have been withheld from public because of legal restrictions. However, it is reported that the girl is to give birth soon, according to Guardian's reports.

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The youngest mother in the country gave birth when she was just 12 years old in 2014 and the father of the baby, 13. The baby, a girl, is reportedly looked after by her 28-year-old grandmother while the mother of the child, now a teenager, attends school.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 25,977 women aged 19 and under had children in England and Wales in 2016. The figures are almost the same as last recorded in 1946, when 24,816 children were born.

Although the problem of teenage pregnancy has seen a significant decline over the recent years, figures show that the average age of mothers giving birth last year rose to its highest level at 30.2 years. 

Experts state that the decline in teenage pregnancy is associated with improvements in contraception advice for young women and better access to abortion services.

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