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Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder

One of the first celebs to opt for more technical procedures as a way to parenthood was Farah Khan, and you can call her the path-breaker of sorts here. The ace choreographer-turned-director got married to editor Shirish Kunder when she was well above the age of 40. They tried to conceive naturally for two years but failed. That is when they decided on IVF and on February 2008, Farah gave birth to their triplets.

11 inspiring and hope-filled stories of surrogacy and IVF births in Bollywood

IVF and surrogacy were common in the west, but we had our own inhibitions surrounding it. Lately, a positive change has hit in the mindset of Indian couples and singles who aspire to become parents, but are denied this happiness by physical or societal limitations.

Late marriages, health issues, prolonged medications are just a few reasons that can lead to childlessness, and those who are caught in such situations, want a little bundle of joy of their own nevertheless, are now resorting to IVF and surrogacy.

Here are 11 celebs who are blessed with parenthood through such medical procedures.

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