103-year-old ESPY winner will make you want to put on your running shoes

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The newest athlete to receive an ESPY Award isn’t a young athlete like Russell Westbrook or Simone Biles but 103-year-old runner Ida Keeling. Keeling was the recipient of an honorary ESPY Award during a visit on The View.

Over the years, Keeling has been making a name for herself by competitively running and setting records in the 60- and 100-yard dash in the 95-to-99 and over-100 age divisions.

The mother and activist has had a long life of hardships. She lived through the Great Depression, supported her children after her husband passed away when she was 42, and dealt with both of her sons being murdered.

Coping with the deaths of her sons led her to run. She started running at the age of 67 at the suggestion of her daughter. She told the hosts of The View about her decision to run her first 5K race, “Everything was gone. I felt like I was in such a deep I just couldn’t work it out. She was getting upset and worried. So she came to me and asked me to go on a mini-run with her.”

Keeling credits staying active and doing what she loves for her longevity. He described her morning routine, “Eat the right foods. And when you get up in the morning, say your blessings and get your meals like we always had, even from back in hard times — a bowl of oats and some prunes.”

She also credits a daily shot of Hennessy after breakfast.

Keeling was visibly moved as Whoopi Goldberg handed her the honorary ESPY. And just to make you want to get up and moving, the 103-year-old showed off by doing some pushups on live TV.

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