103-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Beating Coronavirus in the Best Way Ever, with a Beer

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A 103-year-old woman from Massachusetts, Jennie Stejna, celebrated beating coronavirus in the best possible way - with a can of chilled beer.

News reports said that the woman who lived in a nursing home had developed a fever three weeks ago and then subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. Her condition had rapidly deteriorated owing to her age. She was the first person in her nursing home to have contracted the virus and was moved to a separate ward. She was constantly kept under observation by her caregivers. However, miraculously, she recovered soon after and her doctors allowed her to celebrate with a Bud Light.

The woman, who has three grandchildren and great grandchildren, beating coronavirus is a huge feat. Her infection had been so bad that at one point, her family members had accepted that Stejna wouldn't come out of this alive. But she did. And obviously, you need a beer to mark the occassion!

On Twitter, everyone's been cheering for Stejna: