10 Ways to Know If He Has a Crush on You

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10 ways to know if he has a crush on you

“OMG! He did this! What do you think it means? Do you think he likes me? I’m so confused!!” This is a conversation each and every girl has had with her bestie, probably multiple times to be honest. If you’re in that gushy, hard-crushing stage and just can’t figure out what signals he’s sending out, we got you covered. Keep a look out for these signs to know that he’s got a crush on you too!

  1. He’s paying attention to you most of the time: If he’s stealing glances or watching you from afar when you’re with your friends or taking notes in class, he’s probably got a thing for you. If you catch him looking at you too frequently, be sure to notice how he responds to you looking back at him. If he smiles or gets nervous, he definitely wasn’t day-dreaming about something else without realising that he was staring at you.

  2. He makes an effort to communicate with you: Guys generally aren’t big on hour-long phone calls, late night texts and taking initiative all the time unless they really like the person. If he’s always finding a reason to call or text you whether on Whatsapp, Instagram or any social media, he’s probably trying to get to know you better. If he tries to plan outings with you, he’s definitely thinking about taking you out on a date.

  3. He asks questions about your love life: If a guy’s into you, he’s probably asking all these questions about your love life to figure out whether or not you’re seeing someone already. Very few guys would outright ask you about your relationship status. If a guy’s seemingly very concerned about your personal life, he just might be making sure that there’s a window for him.

  4. He remembers the little things about you: This one’s definitely right out of the movies! If he likes you, he’s going to remember that your favorite ice cream is strawberry and that you like you’re coffee with extra whipped cream! If a guy remembers all the little things you tell him, he’s making an effort to show you that he cares and wants to take care of you. You’ll frequently find them randomly showing up with your favorite chocolates or planning a movie night to watch the movie you can’t get over!

  5. He talks to you about his feelings: It’s no mystery that most guys hate sharing their emotions with most people. As compared to girls, you’ll find that guys discuss such matters only with 2-3 people who are extremely close to them, including their significant others. If he’s opening up to you about his deepest emotions, highest ambitions and more, it’s definitely a sign that he wants something much more intimate with you than friendship. You’ll find him telling you all about his day, his life, his goals, his plans and other things that he hates discussing with anyone else.

  6. You can’t stop running into him: As the old saying goes, “Out of sight is out of mind.””, he definitely won’t want to be out of sight for too long! If you casually mention in conversation that you’re going to some place and happen to run into him there at the same time or find that he has started frequenting your favorite café since you told him about it, he’s definitely looking to spend some more time with you.

  7. He compliments you: Yes, I know that guys tend to compliment girls just to get into their pants. So you’ve got to be careful with this one. He won’t compliment on things that are loud about you but rather on the subtle things about you that he notices. He might say he loves how you count on your fingers while doing math or how adorable you look when you talk about something you love! Much better than the, “You look great.” Series of compliments right!?

  8. Behaviour Change: You’ll notice that suddenly he’s jealous when you talk to other guys or that he’s looking to get a time-out alone with you (maybe driving to the party together or dropping you home after or any excuse really!). He’ll give you furtive glances but then randomly ignore you (trying to play hard-to-get) for days to see if you’ll pay attention to him! He might start getting nervous around you too! If your guy is doing any of this, he’s definitely crushing on you big time girl!

  9. He will start using Alpha Body Language: It’s a known fact that males in all animals species try to impress the female using their body features to assert their masculinity in front of her. If he’s into, he’s going to start walking taller, puffing his chest out, acting strong and over-protective around you. You’ll find him displaying behaviour that shows him to be a man who can take care of you and protect you. He’ll draw your attention to his strong biceps or soft hands too! Plus, he’s going to start making more of an effort to dress well whenever he’s going to see you!

  10. Increased Physical Contact: When a guy is trying to move from the friend zone to the boyfriend zone, he’s going to try and drop hints about it, starting with small physical gestures to see how you react. He might just playfully touch your arm when telling a joke or he might start playing with your hair or patting you on the back. Another thing guys do is increase the eye contact with you when they like you.