10 Uneasy Questions About the Delhi Air Hostess' Suicide That Need to be Answered

The viscera report of Batra, who allegedly jumped off from the terrace of her residence following an argument with her husband Mayank Singhvi in July, revealed that excessive amount of alcohol was found in her blood.

The suicide of Delhi-based air hostess Anissia Batra has left me shell-shocked. Not the least because I happened to have interacted with the family members of the deceased at length on multiple occasions. Hell, I even went and had dinner perhaps at the very place where this suicide happened. My wife and I had a detailed discussion with Anissia, who spoke about her life with great élan. Little did we know what her fate would be. In the interim, I have consistently been in touch with her in-laws to figure out the real story. Truth be told, I am not satisfied with what I have heard so far. So, here are 10 points that I think all citizens must ponder over to come to some kind of conclusion in this case.

— So first, the cast. Mayank Singhvi, Anissia’s husband, belongs to a family of some of the top-most jurists in India. One wouldn’t want this to be an exercise in name calling, but one would certainly expect these people, who have been in influential positions, to at least express sorrow at the loss of a human life.

— From the information that has come out so far, Anissia was clearly in an abusive marriage. Why would a woman working with a top airlines, someone who was educated, still wish to be in this marriage is what baffles me the most. If Mayank was assaulting her right from their honeymoon days, why did she put up with it?

— Social pressure, anti-woman biases are all part of the chaotic Indian society. Did Mayank’s parents, at any stage, have a role to play in destroying their son’s marriage?

— Doctors who conducted the autopsy on Anissia are suggesting bruise marks on her neck and severe injuries around it. Was this just due to a fall?

— Several people who know Mayank’s family well point to his supposed temper issues. What did Mayank’s parents do to control this temper?

— Some say Anissia had incidentally reached out to two family members at extremely high positions seeking help. What did they do to help her?

— Is it true that Anissia and Mayank had decided to split up a couple of months ago? If yes, then who coaxed them to come back together?

— Neighbours and friends of Anissia and Mayank say neither of them was happy about their marriage. Yet, according to Mayank’s family members, he gifted his wife a BMW car and expensive jewellery. Did he really do that?

— Assuming that Mayank did give his wife these expensive gifts, is he guilty of forcing her to end her life?

— Lastly, if Mayank’s entire family, including his parents, looked the other way while an innocent young woman was being tormented and harassed, they need to answer how they could accept it. More so, since his parents are involved in extensive public-welfare activities.​