Zlatan & Malinga: 10 Things Revealed in Rohit & Bumrah’s Live Chat

With cricket matches called off all around the globe, international cricketers are at the end of their wits what to do during this unexpected break.

After helping around with house chores and developing new hobbies, the cricketers are getting more creative with each passing days. One such cricketer is Rohit Sharma.

After the live chat with former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen, Rohit Sharma invited his Team India and Mumbai Indians colleague Jasprit Bumrah for a live chat session on Instagram on Wednesday, 1 April.

What followed next was 35 minutes of wonderful chat session between the two - which included topics ranging from current situation prevailing worldwide due to COVID-19 pandemic to a lot of revelations from the dressing rooms.

Here’s a look at 10 things that Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah revealed during their 35-minute live chat on Instagram:

1. How Zlatan Inspires Bumrah

In the interaction, Bumrah revealed how Swedish football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been an inspiration to him.

Bumrah revealed how his life story is very similar to the football star. The pacer said he loves ‘Ibra’ since like Bumrah he was also not taken seriously initially but that did not stop him from becoming a star.

"“I love Ibra. I can relate to his story, that people did not take him seriously and then he became a star. I can relate as I think people took me lightly initially, and then I proved them wrong. I am still trying.”" - Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah takes inspiration from the fact that, when “Zlatan gets hit, he smiles”. It has also helped Bumrah mould himself and learn better aspects of life.

2. Samaira Imitates Boom Boom

In the 35-minute long video chat, Rohit’s 15-month-old daughter Samaira made a few guest appearances.

It was during one of those moments when we came to know that little Samaira has a nickname for the pacer. She calls her Boom Boom.

The nickname got revealed when Rohit Sharma told Bumrah that his daughter copies Bumrah’s bowling action. While Samaira was reluctant to show it initially she finally relented before waving ‘good bye’.

3. Bumrah’s Fitness Classes

With cricketers confined to their houses and no access to the gym, keeping themselves fit has become a headache. Rohit wanted Bumrah to advise young fast bowlers how to go about with the job indoors.

“I consulted our Mumbai Indian’s trainer who told me to do some body weight exercises – which includes jumps, squats, pushups and lunges. I have increased the repetitions. It is difficult but I am trying to manage,” revealed Bumrah.

"“So, basically I am doing the super sets and running on the treadmill.”" - Jasprit Bumrah

To which Rohit Sharma added that whatever one was doing in the gym once can do at home but instead of weights one can increase the sets.

4. Malinga’s Influence on Bumrah

During the live chat, Rohit had asked Bumrah how much his senior Mumbai Indians teammate Lasith Malinga has helped him with his bowling since both of them have a similar technique.

Bumrah was quick to dismiss the rumour that it was Malinga who taught him to bowl the yorker. But he acknowledged that fact that more than technique he learnt a lot about a bowler’s mindset and temperament from the Lankan legend.

“Earlier, I used to get angry after getting hit by a batsman. But it was Malinga who explained to me that there was no use in getting angry under such situation,” said Bumrah.

"“So, more than skill, it is my mindset that has improved due to the time spent with Malinga.”" - Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah, who has been sharing the dressing room with Malinga since 2013, said he has great rapport with him. In fact, when the two are on national duties and face each other on the 22 yards, the duo try to stick to yorkers instead of bouncers.

5. Bumrah vs Chahal

One of the lingering themes of the live chat was Rohit and Bumrah pulling Chahal’s leg, who was a constant feature in the comments section.

The conversation started with Rohit asking Bumrah to bat up the order since he is a better batsman than the spinner.

"“I should bat above Chahal since I have an international six to my name which Chahal is yet to do.”" - Jasprit Bumrah

“If we face off against RCB in a match, I want to bowl against Chahal,” added Bumrah. To which his captain replied in the affirmative.

“Even I feel you (Bumrah) should save an over and bowl against him (Chahal). Ever since he hit a straight drive in England, he has become a bit overconfident. So he should face all six deliveries against you,” Rohit justified.

6. Pat Cummins vs Bumrah

The duo started talking about Australia’s Pat Cummins while they were talking about Bumrah’s batting exploits.

Bumrah’s only six in international cricket came against Cummins.

Rohit mentioned that at this moment if anyone is eagerly waiting for IPL 2020 to start it was Pat Cummins.

“It is kind of interesting that despite a great auction Cummins yet to have a good time in the IPL. It will be very funny,” said Bumrah.

7. Rohit Sharma, the Choreographer

Remember that TikTok video which Yuzvendra Chahal had shared on his social media accounts where he was seen dancing with his Team India mates in New Zealand? And the mystery man who was dancing with his face covered in the middle? Fans were left guessing the identity of the person.

During the live chat, Bumrah revealed that it was none other than Rohit Sharma, as many fans had guessed. But the bigger revelation came from Rohit himself, who said he had choreographed the song.

"“It was Chahal’s idea to shoot the video but I had choreographed the video.”" - Rohit Sharma

Meanwhile, Rohit explained why he had covered his face in the video.

“These people told me to show some swag. So I ended up wearing the cap so low which covered my face,” said Sharma.

8. Bumrah’s Toughest Overseas Challenge

Apart from taking questions from Chahal and Pant, the duo was also reading out questions which were being posted by the fans.

In one of the questions Bumrah was asked who has he found most difficult to bowl to among foreign cricketers.

Initially, Bumrah had no answer as he believed that on a given day any batsman can be ruthless and any bowler can be vulnerable. But then he figured out few international names.

"“It is very difficult to bowl to AB de Villiers. Even Jos Buttler is very dangerous in the end.”" - Jasprit Bumrah

To which Rohit equipped, ”Yes it is very difficult to bowl to ABD. He hits anywhere in the ground. Any batsman who plays allover the park, it is very difficult to contain them and for the captain to set field.”

9. Why Bumrah Prefers Mumbai Over Hyderabad?

While Rohit had his reservations about the stadium in Hyderabad, the Mumbai Indian pacer said he had no complaints about the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.

"“The ground in Hyderabad is quite big and there is reverse swing. So I have no problems. Instead I prefer the stadium in Hyderabad over Wankhede in Mumbai.”" - Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah was quick to point out that he only preferred the Hyderabad venue but as far team in concerned he was happy to be associated with Mumbai Indians.

10. Rohit Roasts Pant

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma roasted Rishabh Pant during the live chat when the latter challenged him for the longest six.

While Chahal was regular feature in the comments section for the entire length of the conversation, Rishabh Pant was also busy in the comments section.

It was Jasprit Bumrah who told Rohit that Pant wants to challenge him to see who can hit the biggest six between the two.

In reply, Rohit played down the challenge in the most hilarious manner possible.

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