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1. Walton family

Owners of Walmart
Estimated Wealth: $190.5 billion

11 richest families in the world: Which Indian family is on the list?

15th of May every year is observed as the International Day of Families. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 with a resolution and reflects the importance the international community attaches to families. The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.

To develop the list and ranking, Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has excluded first-generation fortunes (like Jeff Bezos’s or Bill Gates ) and those fortunes controlled by a single heir. So the list is really a measure of families who have inherited and grown their wealth over generations.

Here is the list of the top 10 richest families in the world:

Source: www.bloomberg.com, investopedia

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