10-year-old Jagannath from Odisha sheds his skin every month due to a 'rare' skin condition

A 10-year-old boy from Odisha, suffering from a rare medical condition, has to go through the traumatising and painful process of skin shedding every month. The condition causes his skin to form scales like that of a snake, become extremely dry and shed at the end.

The child, Jagannath is suffering from a rare disease called Lamellar Ichthyosis, he was diagnosed a few years ago. The disease causes his skin to lose moisture unusually due to which his skin becomes so tight that it becomes difficult for him to move.

Jagannath has to apply moisturizer every three hours to retain the moisture which allows him to do daily activities. He also uses a stick to stretch his body which slows down the tightening of his skin.

The disease also causes body overheating, hair loss and drying of the eyelids. Jagannath also bathes more than usual to get rid of the irritation, another effect of the disease on his body. However, bathing frequently again causes loss of moisture, reported a leading daily.

Jagannath has been informed by a local dermatologist that his condition can’t be treated, but some doctors believe there is a cure. Unfortunately, Jagannath’s family cannot afford to get him treated by a specialist.

Prabhakar Pradha, Jagannath’s father says that his son has been suffering due to the disease since childhood. He said, “I do not have enough money to take him for treatment and my heart breaks seeing him suffer from this cursed disease every day.”

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